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 We believe that business success is inextricably linked to technology success 

Don’t be a Stranger to the Security of Things

About Coherent IT Solutions


Coherent IT Solutions  has been  successfully protecting corporate networks, cloud and virtualized environments, IoT and industrial control systems for small to large industries. Our core values are to deliver to our customers high quality information technology consulting services, innovative solutions, and strategic advice. 

Security threats and events are becoming an ever-increasing challenge for businesses


Data is now being held in a multitude of places, on-premises and in the cloud, and users are demanding access to this data from numerous devices. Your security strategy needs to give you control and visibility of your people, infrastructure, applications and the data itself. 

 Having considered all of these factors, it is imperative for you to have a security strategy. 

 Coherent IT Solutions will consult with you about how best to protect your business, employees, customers and your data against a multitude of threats including: Secure Access, Firewalls, Network Access Control, Cloud Security,  Endpoint Protection, Email and Web Protection, Ransomware  Remediation and Prevention

Optimum Network Architecture for full scale IOT


While the internet of things was intended to make life easier by connecting everyday objects to the internet, enabling them to send and receive data, experts warn that it is also giving new opportunities to hackers 

Coherent IT Solutions  provides concise essential advice on ‘things to do’ to help secure IoT products and systems.